More About Staffy Dogs

Staffordshire bull terriers, otherwise known as Staffy dogs, are medium-sized and short-coated English dogs that are related to the bull terrier. They are stocky and muscular, which is perfect for their history of dog-fighting. Staffies are incredibly brave and persistent, and though they look intimidating, Staffies are actually very gentle and make good family pets, eve in homes with children. Todays modern breed is more sociable and known for its close attachment to people. They are athletic dogs and love spending time running around in the outdoors.


Staffy dogs love doing everything in full throttle, be it work, play, or love. It is very courageous, persistent, but all the while still obedient and very easy to train. They are affectionate, respond well to physical touch, and develop a strong attachment with their owners making them loyal in every sense of the word. Staffies love people, and in most cases, arent even wary of strangers. But of course, temperament varies with each staffy as well. Meeting new people is not an issue with Staffies who are socialized ever since they were young. For those that arent used to people, however, staffies can become overprotective.

Staffy dogs are also exceptional around children, and they are often adored by parents who are looking to gift their children friendly companions. Staffies are also good with other pets, but without a firm human leader who has given them timely corrections, staffies may be combative to other dogs that are outside the family.

Young staffy dogs have a knack of chewing on things so you might want to consider purchasing a chew toy for your dog. Because of their strong jaws, it is essential that you give staffies chew toys that are meant for larger and stronger dogs. Fragile toys can easily be crushed by a staffy, possibly even choking him. Staffordshire bull terriers must also be kept on a leash at all times when going out, but they can be left along if you want them to roam around a contained area, such as a backyard.


Staffy dogs have a variety of health issues you might want to consider. They are prone to cataracts, hip dysplasia, and tumors. Staffy puppies are regularly seen with elongated soft palates. Like all dogs in the bull type breeds, Staffordshire bull terriers also have gastrointestinal problems such as bloating. Keep your staffy on a balanced diet and he should be okay! 

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Breeders

Staffordshire Bull Terriers are one of the most popular types of dogs that owners take delight in breeding. Originally recognized and used as baits in bull fights and dog fights, Staffordshire Bull Terriers are now known to be protective, loyal, and loving pets. They are considered as great household pets because of their playful nature and stable temperament. A Staffy is also treated or called as a nanny dog due to its kindness and fondness for children.

In breeding and taking care of these dogs, Staffordshire Bull Terrier breeders should take different considerations in mind in order to do it right.

The first thing that Staffordshire Bull Terrier breeders should remember is that Staffordshire Bull Terriers or Staffords are prone to becoming aggressive when it comes in close contact with other dogs. They should avoid such confrontations to avoid dangers that can be inflicted to the dogs, or worse, to innocent bystanders.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier breeders should also remember that a good match between male and female Staffords is important to produce the best bred puppies. It is up to the breeders to decide whether the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is for show or for work. It is also advised to make sure that the female parent is fit and ideal for breeding. To determine this, Staffordshire Bull Terrier breeders can check the dog’s veterinary records or consult a veterinarian about it. Remember that only healthy parents can produce excellent puppies.

The appearance of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is also a key factor in breeding. Avoid pinks and go for black. What this means is that breeders should stay away from pink noses and pink eyes. The eye color should be black. There are other considerations as well. Staffordshire Bull Terrier breeders should consider that the parent’s legs must be parallel. Tight, slim, and clean lips are also a good thing. The tail should neither be too long nor too curly. Breeders can ask other professional or experienced breeders on the ideal look of a parent Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Coordinate with stud dog owners and see if your Staffordshire Bull Terrier is compatible with his or her stud dog. Since stud dog owners would prefer to keep the female Staffy in their care for breeding, Staffordshire Bull Terrier breeders should provide all the necessary things that it needs.

To ensure that the breeding was done right, Staffordshire Bull Terrier breeders should again visit the veterinary clinic for a checkup. If it is, breeders can now wait for the puppies to come and continue taking care of the parent Staffy.

About Staffordshire Bull Terriers

A member of the terrier family, Staffordshire bull terriers are a breed of dog that originated from United Kingdom. It is descended from dog-fighting ancestors which resulted to its muscular built and courageous temperament.

General Information

The Staffordshire bull terrier, also known as Staffy or Staff, is a stocky, medium-sized muscular dog. It is a cousin of the pit bull and the American Staffordshire terrier. It is characterized by its broad head, defined occipital muscles, dark round eyes, a slight overbite, and well-muscled neck and shoulders. Staffordshire bull terriers have gotten a bad reputation as there have been reports of many cases of Staffy attacks. In New South Wales, it is the leading breed of dog that is responsible for biting humans.

Ancestors of the Staffordshire bull terriers used to be involved in bloodsports such as cock fighting, bear baiting and bull baiting in the 19th century. It is a source of entertainment for both the royalty and commoners, and the dogs were trained to be aggressive. When bloodsports were abolished in 1835, secret dog fighting matches became popular and dogs that gave up in the middle of the fight are mockingly called curs. Later on, the dogs were bred to be suitable as a pet. The current breeds have no local fighting history, as they are descended from show dogs that came from the UK.


Staffordshire bull terriers are medium-sized dogs that have a muscular build. Males can reach a height of 36-41 cm (14-16 inches) and can weigh between 11-17 kg (25-28 pounds). Females can reach a height of 33-38 cm (13-15 inches) and can weigh between 10-16 kg (25-35 pounds).

Coat Care

The coat of Staffordshire bull terriers is short and smooth, as it is easy to groom. To maintain it, you can brush it using a firm bristle brush every day. For a shiny coat, you can rub it with a towel or a small piece of chamois.

Family Life

Staffordshire bull terriers are affectionate dogs and are suitable for families with children, provided that every member of the family must display strong leadership with regards to the dog.  They show affection through jumping up, licking, nuzzling and pawing. They are fearless dogs and because of their affinity for people, they are not suitable guard dogs.


A Staffordshire bull terrier is an extremely energetic dog and will do well in a house with a yard. It can also live in an apartment provided that the owner exercises the dog regularly.


The Staffordshire bull terrier can suffer from genetic hereditary flaws and two of these can be screened by DNA testing: hereditary cataracts, and L-2-hydroxyglutaric aciduria (L2HGA) which is a metabolic disorder that can result in behavioral changes and have dementia-like symptoms. Owners should also watch out for distichiasis or double eyelash, persistent hyperplastic primary vitreous which is a condition characterized when the blood supply to the ocular lens fails to regress which can lead to a hazy vision. They can also suffer from gas and hip dysplasia. Life expectancy of a Staffy is 10-16 years.


The Staffy is an extremely athletic dog with a tremendous stamina. It needs plenty of exercise and the owner must walk the dog daily.


The Staffy is an intelligent breed but can be stubborn at times so training it requires a firm hand and patience. Trainers must establish themselves as pack leaders and establish rules and routines the dog must follow every day. Chew toys are encouraged for puppies.

What Is A Staffordshire Bull Terrier?

A great canine breed, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier has a very cool history. Also dubbed as Staffies by breeders, Staffordshire Bull Terriers are very popular for two main reasons. First, Staffies are super reliable. In fact, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is regarded as the worlds most reliable canine breed. The second reason is it is the only dog breed that has been certified in the United Kingdom to be safe for children.

The American Kennel Club recognizes the Staffordshire Bull Terrier as a pit dog. In spite of this, Aristocrats and even ordinary folks keep Straffies as pet due to their intelligence and excellent hunting ability. In fact, English working class households use this canine breed as hunting dogs as well as ratters. Dog lovers from various parts of Europe and America prefer Staffordshire Bull Terriers from other canine breeds due to their special attributes. Straffies are very popular because they are:

  •          Intelligent
  •          Great Hunters
  •          Obedient
  •          Loyal
  •          Brave
  •          Strong
  •          Indefatigable

Actually, there is more to Straffies than these traits. You just have to get to know one to understand how incredible this particular breed is.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier History

Now, like all canine breeds, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier has an excellent history. The breed, which has been coveted by canine breeders due to their agility and strength, traces its origin to 17th century England. Straffies, over 350 years, have evolved most specifically for bull baiting and, of course, bloodsport. Originally, Straffies came from bulldogs. To make the canine breed more ferocious for practical reasons, breeders crossed it with terriers. As a result, the resulting hybrid became more plucky and tenacious. Latter dubbed as the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, this particular canine breed became stockier and more muscular than ordinary terriers. Aside from its built, this particular dog breed is known for its almost indefatigable body as well as its go-for-broke fighting spirit. Before it was widely known as Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Straffies are called Pit Dogs.

Of course, they were not dubbed as Pit Dogs for nothing. In the late 18th century, Staffordshire Bull Terriers are very popular fighting dogs. People from the working class and even members of the aristocratic class spend their leisure time betting on dogfights featuring the best Straffies in town. However, during the early 1800s, dog fighting in the United Kingdom lost its legitimacy. Certain parliamentary officials moved to outlaw the practice. As a result, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier breed was in the brink of extinction since breeders no longer have the drive not to mention the incentive for breeding Straffies. Good thing a group of dog lovers came in to the rescue. With a mission to save the almost dying canine breed, the group established a wide network to help protect Staffordshire Bull Terriers.  The name, which stuck until this day, was given to make a distinction that this particular breed came from the United Kingdom.

A Child-Friendly Canine Breed

Albeit its uncanny hunting ability and impressive ferocity in hunting smaller preys and combating its own kind, Staffordshire Bull Terriers are famous for their kid-friendly side. In fact, it has been certified by the United Kingdom parliament as safe for families with little children. Most pet-owners would think twice of having bull terriers live with their kids but not with Straffies. Staffordshire Bull Terriers have this unusual affection towards humans. Aside from their affinity with their human masters, they are also very much adaptable in terms of their environment. Unfortunately, this trait makes them very prone to notorious dognappers.

If what you are looking for is a reliable, intelligent, loyal, and safe animal canine companion, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is the breed that you might want to consider.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue Tips

Staffordshire bull terriers, otherwise called staffies, staffs, or staffords, are one of the dog breeds that are often maligned by most people in the United States. Because of their stocky and muscular appearance, people think of them as very intimidating. In most communities all throughout America, these dogs are restricted, regulated, or banned, and its all because of their vicious history. Staffies were once hailed as great choices for dog fighting, a sport that today is deemed illegal. In reality, however, staffies are far from what people perceive them to be. They are friendly, loyal, and energetic companies who require rescue from families who no longer want them or shelters looking for foster parents. Heres everything you need to know about Staffordshire bull terrier rescue.

Tip #1: Contacting Your Animal Control Department

Before considering a Staffordshire bull terrier rescue, it is highly essential that you contact your animal control department first. You need to know if staffies are banned in your town and if there is a need to acquire special licensing insurance. If you live in a homeowners associated or an apartment, find out first if staffies are allowed.

Tip #2: Know Everything You Can About Staffies

You wont be able to take care of a staffie if you have no idea what they require. Staffies, just like other dog breeds, have specific care requirements. Find out about the Staffordshire bull terriers temperament, grooming care, and feeding requirements. You can find out a lot about these dogs by doing a simple Internet search about them.

Tip #3: Visiting Your Local Animal Shelter

Your local shelter may have staffies that require rescuing. Call your local animal shelter and ask them if they have staffies that are up for adoption. Most animal shelters, however, will not house staffies because of public safety issues. If, for some reason, you find a shelter that houses staffies, ask about the dogs. Ask the shelter why the dog has been placed in the shelter and if he or she has any aggression issues. Remember that traits that you want in a dog for once you adopt them, you will be spending years and years with them.

Staffies are not the vicious animals that most people think they are. When trained well, staffies are actually kind-hearted and gentle creatures that make loving pets. A Staffordshire bull terrier rescue will save these pets from dying in places where they are not wanted. 

Caring For Staffordshire Bull Terrier Puppies

Don’t let their fearsome look fool you: Staffordshire bull terriers are loving, affectionate, and funny dogs who are sure to delight their owners. This article gives tips in how you can take care of Stafford bull terrier puppies.


Feed your Stafford bull terrier puppies twice a day, once in the morning and once again come dinnertime. Your pets should be fed high-protein food. Be careful not to overfeed them or they may end up becoming overweight or even obese.

Make sure to have a water bowl always filled with water for your Stafford bull terrier puppies. Their short snouts make them prone to overheating, so they always need to have water.


Because they have smooth, short coats, Stafford bull terrier puppies are pretty easy to groom. You can brush their coat or rub it with a towel or chamois everyday to retain the shine of their coat. Bathe them once a week. Make sure to wipe the inside of their ears with a soft cloth gently to keep these clean as well.

As a side note, because Stafford bull terriers don’t have thick coats, they may not do well in outdoor weather. As such, it’s better for your Stafford bull terrier puppies to be indoor pets and not outdoor ones.


Stafford bull terriers are highly active dogs, so you will need to take them out to exercise every day. Walking and running are always great, and you can also tray them to play catch.

Be careful when bringing your Stafford bull terrier puppies though. Being naturally curious and impulsive, they have the tendency to chase after just about anything that catches their attention, which means that you need to watch them when you’re near a road.

Vaccinations and vet visits

Like other breeds, you need to make sure that your Stafford bull terrier puppies get vaccinated to keep them protected from all sorts of diseases. Ask your veterinarian about worming as well. It’s also a good idea to have your dogs checked by the vet yearly to see if there are any problems that can put their health at risk.


Stafford bull terrier puppies are pretty smart, so it’s possible to train them as show dogs. In fact, some owners actually train their Staffies for agility and competitive obedience. Do note that the breed can be very stubborn at times, so you need to be very patient with them during training.

Stafford bull terrier puppies love to chew, which is why you need to make sure that you train them to avoid this habit, or at least give them chew toys that they can gnaw on. Always keep an eye out on them though, as their powerful jaws can tear through their toys in no time, putting them in danger if they accidentally swallow the pieces.

Staffies are quite friendly, even to strangers. Nonetheless, it’s still important that they should be socialized. Stafford bull terrier puppies that are not socialized are more prone to being aggressive toward other dogs and even kids, so make sure to socialize them early.

Stafford bull terrier puppies can be quite adorable. Do take the time to care for them properly to make sure that they’re happy and well provided for.

Raising Staffy Puppies

Having Staffy puppies in your home can be rewarding and fun. You can enjoy raising them to be the ideal household pal that you have always wanted. Staffordshire bull terrier puppies are loving, loyal, and protective. Despite the fact that their breed is known to be fighters, you can still raise them to have a gentle and kind temperament.

In taking care of Staffy puppies, you need extra care. You have to train them well so that they can grow up the way you want it to. There are certain key areas that you need to focus on in raising your Staffordshire puppies.

  • Health – Make sure to take your puppies to the veterinarian regularly. Get them checked and receive the necessary shots and treatments in order for them to grow up healthy and well. This is also to prevent your puppies to be prone to sickness and defects.
  • Food – Feed your Staffordshire puppies the best and appropriate dog food. Be careful in choosing one among the hundreds of dog foods available in the market. Consult your veterinarian to get advice on the best one for your Staffy pups. You can also give them homemade food that is high in protein and rich in other essential vitamins and minerals. You should also pay attention on the frequency of feeding your puppies and the amount of food they should receive.
  • Training – Get your Staffy pups to follow your commands. This will make them more disciplined. Even simple commands such as sit, lie down, and roll over would be beneficial. This can also help develop your relationship with your pets. Potty training is also needed. This will also discipline them and will make it more convenient for you. Knowing when and where your puppies do their thing will make it easier for you to clean up after them.
  • Grooming – Make sure that your puppies are always in good condition physically. You can treat them to the grooming salon once in a while but it is simply necessary to keep them clean. This breed of puppies requires little grooming so it is actually very easy.
  • Relationship – For your Staffordshire puppies to grow up to be friendly, expose them to an environment where they have to face strangers and other dogs. You should also make them feel loved by spending quality time with them and being mindful of their needs.

Raising Staffordshire puppies is easy. You should simply give them what they need so that they can grow up well.

Staffy Puppy Essentials

A staffordshire bull terrier puppy, or staffy puppy, is an interesting breed as there are several misconceptions about its temperament. It would be easy to dismiss the staffy as ferocious dogs because they were initially bred in the 19th century to becoming fighting dogs. However, this dog is very good with humans. Staffies are the ideal family pets because of their extreme courageousness and loyalty. They’re also affectionate, great with children, very hyperactive, and lively too. However, a staffy puppy needs an ideal owner because these dogs are independent-minded. They need a firm and confident master, one who does not lose patience on them. Poorly socialized and trained staffies tend to be aggressive, domineering, and stubborn.

The staffy is known for its high energy so you may want to give a lot of physical activities – except swimming – and different forms of mental stimulation. They have the tendency to flaunt their powerful jaws by biting so you may want to supply then with vinyl chew toys. They love to be around people so surround them with as much love and affection as you can without spoiling them. Remember, spoiled staffies tend to become domineering.

As early as possible, you should socialize your staffy properly. The best form of socialization comes from the fellow puppies from the litter. That’s why puppies are given to new homes only after two to three months. However, there are pups that are taken away too soon. In some cases, only one pup survives in the litter. Observe how your puppy behaves when it is around people. Does it bark? Does it growl? Does it wag its tail and approach a stranger? Does it run away? The staffy shouldn’t be aggressive but it shouldn’t be too hyper either. No growling and no jumping on other people. Watch out for these little quirks while the dog is still a puppy.

Toilet training is also part of the essential staffy puppy agenda. It’s important for the staffy puppy to know when and where to go to the toilet. However, you are going to have to exercise patience because these puppies will have a difficult time controlling their urges. Closely observe your puppy right after a meal because that’s when they need to go to the toilet. For instance, many pups sniff the ground incessantly before they go potty. Although you will eventually have a set schedule for potty, observing pre-potty habits will tell you when to bring your puppy to the toilet unexpectedly. Eventually, they will associate the place and the potty habit.

Getting A Staffordshire Bull Terrier Puppy

If you’re thinking of getting a Staffordshire bull terrier puppy, you have to keep in mind that cute puppy eyes can be deceiving. That’s why you have to make sure that you get to know a dog breed first before buying or adopting. Having a dog is a great big adventure and you’re going to want to go on that journey prepared. Knowing what to expect is a good way of preparing, ensuring that you and your new furry friend have loads of fun together.

The basics

The Staffordshire bull terrier is a short-coated, medium-sized, old-time dog breed. As an English dog, it is the fifth most popular of the dog breeds around. Descending from dog-fighting ancestors, a Staffordshire bull terrier puppy will grow up to be courageous and muscular, although it is very close to people and is not known to have outbursts. The adults look very similar to American pit bull terriers and the American Staffordshire terrier since they have the same ancestors. They have wide heads but feature relatively short forefaces, with wide mouths, dark round eyes, small ears, pronounced cheek muscles, and firm lips. They can come in the colors white, blue, fawn, red, black, brindle, and a blend of any of these with white. A Staffordshire bull terrier puppy will also be a joy to hug because they have very smooth coats.

General temperament

Like all dogs, Staffordshire bull terriers will have their own individual personalities, which you can blame on breeding for the most part. However, Staffords are generally noted to be highly intelligent, indomitably courageous, and tenacious. Combine these traits with being affectionate, quiet, and stable and you can expect to have an all-around dog. The dog breed is muscular so it will look intimidating, but they are very fond of people. That’s also a reason why most Staffords are not suited for guard dog duties. Should you get a Staffordshire bull terrier puppy, you’ll be very pleased to know that this dog breed is easy to handle when it comes to housetraining.

Some health concerns

The Staffordshire bull terrier is reported to be at risk of mastocytoma at rates higher than most of the dog population. There are also certain conditions that can be detected through DNA and visual testing. As with any dog breed, Staffords should be given proper deworming in order to flush parasites out before they are three weeks old.

Basic Staffordshire Bull Terrier Care

The Staffordshire bull terrier is one of the most popular dogs today, thanks to their warm predicament and easy to clean fur. They are hypoallergenic, which is why many homes are fond of keeping them as a pet. Just like any dogs, Staffordshire bull terrier care takes a lot of time, patience, and effort because you need to cover a lot of things.

The Staffordshire bull terrier is a very active dog. It is a very affectionate dog that will always love to lick your face, run with you, and play with your kids at home. It is also very obedient and courageous. You will have no trouble with your Staffordshire bull terrier in socializing with people, because they are very fond of company and they like to interact with your friends.


You will find that grooming is a very easy task with the Staffordshire bull terrier thanks to its very thin coat of hair. All short-haired dogs are very easy to groom. All you need to do is brush the smooth coat firmly with a bristle brush. You can also bathe the dog every day with any type of doggy shampoo of your preference. One interesting fact about the Staffordshire bull terrier coat: they will gleam and shine even more if you rub it with a piece of towel like the chamois.


This dog is not normally choosy with the type of food you give them. However, take particular care in the selection of food you give your Staffordshire bull terrier, especially human food. Avoid feeding chocolate and chicken.

Dog food may be an expensive maintenance for your Staffordshire bull terrier, but you can always feed it people food as long as you follow the proper balance of nutrients it requires. For example, Staffordshire bull terrier should have the proper nutritional balance of carbohydrates, protein, and amino acids, including vitamins and minerals. You can ask your local vet about the proper diet for Staffordshire bull terrier care.

Establishing Your Dominance

It is very important to own your dog, and not let your dog own you. You can establish your dominance over your Staffordshire bull terrier during feeding time, which is the most important setting of ranks in a dog pack. Staffordshire bull terrier care establishes that you must always let your dog wait before and not allow them to grab the food in your hands. By letting your active dog wait for his food while you give the order, you are establishing your dog authority over your Staffordshire bull terrier. The dog in charge of the food is ALWAYS the PACK LEADER. Allow your dog to wait for your permission to start eating.

This will also result in great improving when you are giving him the walk. You will notice that your dog is more responsive and less boisterous during these trips. The authority always revolves around the way you feed your dog, and your Staffordshire bull terrier will always remember that.